Monday, November 7, 2011

The War of the Flea

The "War of the Flea" is the title of a long overdue documentary film on the post 1994 White genocide in South Africa. Created by acclaimed movie producer Riaan van der Walt, whose earlier documentaries have been snapped up by Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, this shocking new documentary focuses on rural terrorism and farm murders.

The film starts with the savage murder of Willemientjie Potgieter and her parents. As readers may recall, 1 December 2010 was the day on which five blacks attacked the Potgieter family on their Orange Free State Farm. A few months earlier, the shocking story of another White child, 12 month old baby Marzaan Kruger, who was beaten to a pulp by three blacks and suffered brain damage and blindness, made headlines.

As Attie Potgieter (40) returned to his farm, he was attacked and hacked to pieces with a machete while his horrified wife and daughter huddled inside the farmhouse. Crime scene reports state that the child's footprints were found in her father's blood, so she may have come wandering out to check on her daddy.

Image: Wilna & Attie Potgieter

Little Willemientjie, all of two years old was then taken into a nearby outbuilding. One of the vicious black savages lifted her up by her hair, and whilst holding the flailing, crying toddler in the air, shot her in the head at point blank range. 

Next they carried her mutilated corpse back into the house, where a hysterical, crying Wilna Potgieter (36) was being savagely beaten and sliced up. After taunting her with her baby's lifeless body, Little Willemientjie's bleeding corpse was thrown on top of her mother.

Finally it was Wilna's turn as they viciously hacked and slashed the defenceless, traumatised woman to death. In a final act of wanton hatred, the marauding animals daubed their hands in the pools of blood and smeared anti-White hate messages on the walls.

Image: The five brave heroes

The sheer barbarism of these murders shocked South Africa and harked back to the kind of mindless savagery the early frontiersmen of the USA, or the Boer trekkers in South Africa was faced with in earlier centuries.

So it makes for an appropriate entree to van der Walt's documentary. The film focuses on the extreme methods of torture, rape and murder employed by - lets be honest - who else can it be -  ANC & PAC hit squads, as they conduct their assymmetric warfare against mostly defenceless and vulnerable White farmers.

Above: Trailer for the upcoming "The War Of The Flea"

Assymmetric warfare in this context relates to undeclared, silent war and is a continuation of the guerilla tactics in an age old, highly recognisable pattern. Perhaps a better term to describe it is "War by Proxy". The chief benefit in waging a proxy war is deniability, and this is exactly how it's dealt with by the SA regime and their lapdog media.

Commencing with early 1800's Xhosa attacks against Boer (and later, British) farmers in the Border and Western & Eastern Cape regions which eventually culminated in the Great Trek, this race war went into remission in the period between the late 18th century and the mid 1960's, as the country was settled and civilised under White dominion.

During the mid and late Sixties Mau Mau and Congo conflagrations, attacks against isolated White farmsteads resumed and followed a distinct pattern - flaring up in the Belgian Congo, then heading south towards the former South West Africa, Northern Rhodesia, Rhodesia and finally, South Africa.

The pattern has always remained the same - to randomly attack, torture, rape and kill the weakest, most isolated farming families in a merciless terrorist war of attrition. The primary goal as it was then, and as it remains today is simple: to insiduously instil fear and spread terror, to slowly and gradually cull the numbers of Whites, and to drive them off the land - regardless of the consequential starvation and deleterious effects this may have on dependent blacks and the country's economy as a whole.

The secondary goal is classic Stalinism - to seize control over the production and means of food distribution, in precisely the same fashion Stalin created an artificial famine in fertile Ukraine during the 1930's. Approximately 15 million people were starved to death during this time, today known as the "Holodomor".

Marxists all over the world sat up and gleefully took note of this execrable method of subjugation, something Robert Mugabe has proudly reproduced in the former breadbasket turned basketcase of Zimbabwe, and something the current illegitimate regime in SA is desperate to emulate.

Having achieved great success in camouflaging this campaign of heartless ethnic cleansing as mere "crime", the criminal cabal currently ruining South Africa then carried out another of their ominous pre-1994 promises ("we shall take the struggle to the white towns cities and neighbourhoods") - they duplicated the rural terrorism into urban areas, in the form of hijackings and violent home invasions where white families are terrorised, raped, barbarically tortured and murdered - all conveniently under the guise of "common crime".

Anyone bold or stupid enough to point out the uniquely racial nature of these hate crimes is immediately excoriated as a "racist". Desperate to bury the truth, liberals will quickly assure you that "crime affects everyone, regardless of race". As if this somehow makes it OK. To explain the astronomical farm murder figures (statistics which the SA Police have refused to keep, since 2006) it is postulated that farms are "soft targets" due to their isolation.

If this tactic doesn't work, they'll trot out the theory that the farmer must have been an evil, abusive man who mistreated his workers, ergo he "deserves to be killed like a dog". Research shows that in more than 80% of cases, the farm attackers were strangers unknown to the farmer or locals. Usually they will hail from cities like Johannesburg or Pretoria, hundreds of kilometres away.

The latest attempt at denying the ongoing genocide is a facile argument which holds that blogs like this exist not to draw attention to the merciless rampage, but because the bloggers "are exclusively motivated by a rabid desire to depict blacks as evil, blood-thirsty savages."

Image: A touching photo depicting the gentile, playful and docile nature of the African man

Van der Walt's documentary is a hard-hitting work which analyses a number of aspects. Not only the extreme savagery with which the crimes are commited, but also the political context in which this seemingly endless nightmare is framed. He focuses on the incitement of demagogues like Julius Malema, township and squatter camp mentality where criminals are treated as heroic modern day Robin Hoods, and in his own words " I do away with illusions and dwell on the hard facts".

The title of the film is also the title of a classic 1965 military book written by Robert Taber. One may assume this is where van der Walt's title is also derived from, to wit:

"Individuals who belong to the masses seem to be powerless against the powerful ruling body that some call the state, others the establishment, while I prefer to use the word elite. Many activists do not realise that they are like fleas, minute entities that are only a nuisance. But thousands of fleabites are worse then one bite from a tiger. A myriad of individual intrusions in the private living sphere of leaders makes more impression than many thousands of people who once demonstrate in front of the office of leaders. To bite another flea is of course a waste of time."

Robert Taber published in 1965 (edition Paladin 1970) “The War of the Flea” about successful mass struggles against oppressive indigenous or foreign powers. Though the present rich Western World and the poor Third World of that time differ vastly, many principles of The War of the Flea are still valid for the present struggle of the masses against the privileged elite despite the fact that most past mass struggles were led by elements that later formed a new elite. Many points demand to be considered seriously in regard to a successful struggle against a powerful elite.

As derived from the above description, one can deduce that White wealth and land ownership constitutes the "Privileged Elite" whilst the black attackers themselves are the "fleas". A cursory analysis of Julias Malema's rantings insofar as it relates to seizure and confiscation of White-owned farms and property confirms this.

Scholar, historian and fellow blogger Mike Smith has written extensively about how the ANC visited Vietnam after the fall of Hanoi, to receive instruction on strategy and tactics on guerilla warfare. Seeking the counsel of the brilliant Viet Cong general Vo Nguen Giap, they were inspired by him and successfully implemented many of the strategies which defeated the greatest superpower of the century.

Giap was not only a master tactician, but had an incisive understanding of human nature and psychology. An extract and brief analysis thereof by author Robert Taber reads as follows:

Taber, quoting our old friend Vo Nguyen Giap, the Vietnamese commanding general from 1944-1978, on guerillas fighting a conventional Western army:

“The enemy will pass slowly from the offensive to the defensive. The blitzkrieg will transform itself into a war of duration. Thus, the enemy will be caught in a dilemma: He has to drag out the war in order to win it, and does not possess, on the other hand, the psychological and political means to fight a long, drawn-out war.”

"Couldn’t have said it better myself about our two wars ongoing. Giap’s apt turn of phrase–”the psychological and political means to fight a long, drawn-out war”–is something we overlook completely, both in our foes and in ourselves. We look to the power of our weapons and the prowess of our troops in using them. Giap looked to the soldier’s and citizen’s hearts, where individual will and patriotism reside, and he defeated us and the French both."

If the emigration and mass exodus of roughly one million whites from SA is anything to go by (and this blogger pleads mea culpa to it) the ANC has successfully destroyed a great deal of patriotism amongst us. To be fair to ourselves though - close analysis of patriotism implies a love not only for a geographic location, but also for a distinctive culture, ethnicity and way of life. A key requirement is that such conditions must pre-exist for such patriotism to endure.

Anyone who has lost a loved one to dementia, brain cancer or severe stroke will attest to the fact that the person one once loved, admired and related to, had in the end changed so dramatically so as to make him or her utterly unrecognisable. The body and tangible aspects of that person remains, but the personality as we knew him/her no longer exists.

And so it is with my former fatherland - South Africa has atrophied and morphed into something which can only be described as a diseased, toxic, dystopian hellhole - a far cry from the place I grew up in, something I no longer recognise and therefore cannot relate to. In this sense, patriotism becomes little more than a redundant, silly and nostalgic notion - an emotive and eminently pointless attachment to a piece of land now bereft of it's true value and meaning.

I can also add that in destroying individual will (to continue the fight against the Marxist ANC) there is nothing more compelling than having your door kicked down in an overwhelming dawn raid by the regime's Gestapo bullies.

Returning to Taber's instructive tome, the War of the Flea can also be framed differently - this very blog, and yours truly, have for years been such a flea - taking teeny but relentless little bites at the amorphous, evil force which seized control of this once magnificent country back in 1994. Making a film such as Van der Walt has done, is in and by itself a form of activism as it promotes awareness of the heart-rending injustices perpetrated against well-meaning, decent South Africans on a daily basis.

Many of my critics charge that the "grass is not greener in my new home country". Indeed, the grass here in Old Blighty is perhaps a tad lighter in hue, but then I can argue that it is not being nurtured and nourished by the tears of thousands of innocent victims and their heart-broken families.

Deconstructing the lies, the spin and the cheap propaganda of the racist, hate-fuelled ANC regime chips away bit by bit at this monstrous cancer which is destroying our country.

Perhaps if enough of us fleas were to start biting, we might just bring down this evil monstrosity and who knows - one day return to a post-apocalyptic South Africa, newly cleansed of the cancerous tumour which is eating away at it.

Perhaps, as had happened in the former Soviet Union, Leningrad / Polokwane will again become St Petersburg / Pietersburg.

But to be honest, I'm not holding any hopes up. South Africa as we knew her is forever gone - ruined, ravaged and utterly destroyed, and no place to be raising your children. 

Pessimistic, I concur, but let me leave you with a quote from the late Clare Boothe Luce. "In this world, she said, there are optimists and pessimists.

"The pessimists are better informed".


  1. Excellent article UG and one that boils my blood every time I think about what this excrement did to Willemientjie and her parents.
    “…thousands of fleabites are worse than one bite from a tiger.”

    This reminded me of the story when the young inexperienced girl asked her aunt some advice on sex and which is best, a short thick one or a long thin one…So the Aunt said: “My child, what is then wrong with a long, thick one?”

    In other words, “What is then wrong with a thousand tiger bites?”

    The problem is that men like us cannot look on with indifference when our liberty and that of others are undermined. We can never be tolerant of cruelty and barbarity for that would make us accomplices.

    We detest the the tyrant, the lawless oppressor the military usurper and him who abuses a lawful power.

    He has already lived too long who has survived the ruin of his country; and he who can enjoy life after such an event deserves not to have lived at all. Nor does he any more deserve to live who looks contentedly upon abuses that disgrace, and cruelties that dishonor, and scenes of misery and destitution and brutalization that disfigure his country; or sordid meanness and ignoble revenges that make her a byword and a scoff among all generous nations; and does not endeavor to remedy or prevent either.

    If we but eat and drink and sleep, and let everything go on around us as it pleases; or if we live but to amass wealth or gain office or wear titles, we might as well not have lived at all; nor have we any right to expect immortality.

    When eloquence and poetry speak; When patriotism speak with a thrilling potency, the hearts of thousands glow with a kindred joy and ecstasy.

    Most men are lukewarm and indifferent as to everything that does not concern their own personal and immediate welfare. It is to single men, and not the united efforts of many, that all great works of man, struggling toward perfection, are owing.

    Remember that life’s length is not measured by its hours and days, but by that which we have done therein for our country and kind. No good work is done wholly in vain.

  2. Keep on biting,
    Good work

  3. Make them scratch themselves untill they bleed.

  4. Well written article UG! Keep going, it will not be in vain!

  5. Excellent article UG . Thanx for the good work !