Sunday, November 13, 2011

Revealed: FW had his snout in the Arms Deal trough

The ancient Romans had a saying "Tempus Omnia Relevant", which translates as "Time Reveals All Things".

How appropriate this adage, to this weekend's revelation that FW De Klerk had his filthy traitor snout in the Arms Deal scandal, along with all the other squealing, shoving pigs who designed the Arms Deal as a vehicle in which they could steal, embezzle and defraud the SA taxpayer of billions.

In the book "The Devil in the Detail: How the Arms Deal Changed Everything" a particular incident deals with retired SA Navy admiral Anthony Howell, who along with several other high-ranking Navy officers, put forward the recommendation that the Spanish bid be given preference.

Several European countries were bidding to provide SA with new corvettes, submarines and a pile of other hardware.

During 1995, Howell & Co presented their recommendations to former president Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk, who was deputy president at the time. During the presentation, De Klerk started asking probing questions which showed a rather uncanny inside knowledge of warship design and building. He demanded to know why the admirals were "happy to accept a ship built with inferior Spanish steel".

For a man whose maritime exploits and naval expertise was limited to secretly porking his billionaire friend Tony Georgiades's wife on a smallish yacht, all while selling out his race and country, this kind of question showed astounding technical insight.

That De Klerk had been well-briefed by one of the other bidders was crystal clear to admiral Howell and everyone present. The Spanish bid predictably failed and the Germans eventually got the deal.

The inference of sleaze and corruption doesn't end there. An investigation into Arms Deal bribery and malfeasance was commissioned by the German government, who discovered that the German consortium had channelled a $22 million bribe to a Libyan front company named Mallar Inc.

The chap who ran Mallar Inc is none other than...Tony Georgiades, FW De Klerk's buddy and former husband of Elita Georgiades!

The book alludes to FW's close ties with Georgiades, who made a fortune assisting the former Nat government in sanctions busting, particularly with oil deals.

Sixteen years on, FW remains married to Elita whilst his former wife Marike was savagely murdered in her secure upmarket Cape Town apartment. At the time of her murder, a chorus of conspiracy whispers went up, alleging that Marike was killed to shut her up.

One can only wonder what dark secrets she would have spoken of, had she still been alive.


  1. Not really all that much new information.
    Patricia de Lille revealed this in 1999 already and it has been covered in the book by R.W. Johnson, South Africa’s, brave new world on page 43.
    I wrote about this in May 201, Chapter 31 of Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box

    Here is an extract…

    “However, Tony Georgiades name appeared again when Independent Democrats leader Patricia de Lille released her "arms deal dossier" in 1999, identifying him as a lobbyist for German arms ¬companies.”

    “In 2008 the M&G revealed that Georgiadis received at least $22-million from ship-builder Thyssen for lobbying fees and paid more than three amounts of R500 000 to the ANC and two charities linked to Nelson Mandela and his wife, Gra├ža.”

    About Marike’s death…

    I wanted to dedicate a chapter to that, but then decided against it. Pandora’s box is about Apartheid, but the murder of Marike is most interesting. One day I will reveal all. The murderer will surprise you, because it was a close family member.

  2. @Mike, I'm looking forward to an article about Marike's death. From the start, things looked suspicious .

  3. Looks like FW de Klerks price was a bit more than 30 pieces of silver. I really am surprised that nobody has let him have some pieces of lead yet.

  4. juslaaik but pienk frikkie is getting fatter!

  5. Uhuru, Glad to see you're back at it! I think Marike would have spilt the beans on the Oppenheimer-deKlerk connection from back in 1989 or before (the planning). It's very hard to keep a country destroyed and retain your Nobel prize shared with another traitor when the mechanics and the deals could have all been laid out for public scrutiny any time up to 2001 by the ex-wife. I imagine deKlerk was always anxious and on edge until her murder, er, I mean death. Of course, the last day of South African autonomous determination was November 28, 1987, but that's another story.

  6. Old political saying among the rightwing fringe in the USA: "Know your enemies...they are your leaders!"

  7. UG : Please hurry back .

    We check your site every day and are bummed when there's nothing new.