Saturday, November 12, 2011

Correction and Apology

Dear readers

Your comments welcoming me back has been overwhelming and are deeply appreciated. I've not written or blogged for almost two years, so one gets quite rusty!

However I cringingly need to make a correction - this isn't really the SA Sucks blog. The last time that got deleted I registered the domain. This blog was created many months ago as an attempt to recreate a previously suspended SAS blog,which still has all the posts, comments and images. Unfortunately the backup and transfer software didn't work - all I could do was to load the templates with the SAS branding.

So I left his blog dormant until a few weeks back, when I couldn't resist the urge to write something about the Malema nationalisation march. That post was published here to make it easy for one or two bloggers to duplicate it elsewhere. Instead of reproducing it, Mike Smith and ILSA linked to it and the next minute this blog got a life of its own.

Now here's the thing: SA Sucks was a collective (I hate that commie word) effort between myself, Mike Smith, Dark Raven, Knorrig and a few others. I'd promised them that I would in good time recreate SAS on a flameproof server which would not only be able to withstand the lily-livered censorship of Google and the endless attacks from our enemies, but also ensure the anonymity of our readers and commenters.

This blog is thus intended to be my own personal blog space, seperate and distinct from SA Sucks. I'd like to continue with it, and will be rebranding it to reflect that. Once we get SAS back up again we'll notify everyone, but in the meantime I'll be abusing this space purely for my own personal hate-filled rants, toxic misanthropies and dark, bileous mutterings.

Apologies if it initially seemed a bit misleading, with the SAS logos etc but it was never meant to go public. I would hate the rest of the old SAS crew to think I'm side-stepping them with this, and besides, Mike Smith's Political Commentary blog is doing a fantastic job filling the SAS void, almost to the point of making SAS redundant. Perhaps I should be joining him and dumping SAS altogether...

Additionally, I'd be fruit city bananas to create a new blog on Blogger, after having been shut down eight times. Not only that but they seem to have lost the plot - it's one big bugfest: comments work sporadically, posting is a nightmare - I'd rather be stomping out campfires with my face than post complex screeds with links, videos and images.

Last but not least - it seems all manner of scum come crawling out of their holes the moment I make an appearance. Keith Ainsley Smith, AKA the Rooster, with his sidekick Ingrid Denzin AKA Daschund who together is better known as the Cow & Chicken show, had an instant apoplexy.

Together with black crackwhore lover and Neo-Nazi Marwinscum, they've launched a defamation campaign that would even make war criminals shudder. I am being slandered as a thief, fraudster, hacker, disseminator of viruses, a stalker, a paedophile, a collector of child porn, and yes - even a murderer. Funny, they've not accused me of causing cancer, traffic accidents, climate change or that most awful of heinous sins - being a RACIST!!

So part of this blog will be misused as a platform and vehicle to deconstruct all that, have my revenge and expose them to the world. For two years I've kept quiet, not responding to the endless provocations, lies and bullshit. No more.

There's some real filth and scum trawling the blogosphere, some of whom pretend to be one thing but are quite another. It's going to be a dirty but deeply gratifying job exposing the charlatans, the phonies and the poseurs.

So please check back here for interesting revelations. The fat lady's not sung yet, and boy, does she yet have a few arias to belt out!


  1. Go for it UG!!! Expose them and broadcast ALL their details for everyone to see!

  2. South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks! South Africa Sucks!


  3. UG, love your attitude man ! Go and get those maggots.

  4. Great stuff UG!

    As a relative newcomer to SAS, it's predecessors and successors I look forward to my education which is about to unfold and catch up on the dark writings of the scoundrels you have identified.

  5. Jürgen and Ingid Denzin

  6. Go for it, UG.

    I am very glad that you have taken up the pen again, so to speak. SAS was a must-read to me, and I for one would be most happy if it can again rise from the ashes. The truth will out, no matter what.

    I am awaiting your expose of these reprehensible human excrement. Shine the light upon their actions, for us all to see them for what they really are.


  7. In the photo UG - which one is Dachshund?
    The corpse in the red dress or the pampoenkop on the right?

  8. Good luck with trying to break into my house wearing a balaclava and shaking a bloodied dead dachshund in my face. The windows are bullet proof and the doors are steel reinforced and guarded with keypad entry systems. There are face recognition cameras at every entrance, and a couple of other interesting security measures which I will not mention here, because I love surprise parties!

  9. "The windows are bullet proof and the doors are steel reinforced and guarded with keypad entry systems."

    That will keep the blacks out won't it Dachshund!

  10. Regardless of what you call the website, good to have you back in the fight.