Sunday, November 13, 2011

Revealed: FW had his snout in the Arms Deal trough

The ancient Romans had a saying "Tempus Omnia Relevant", which translates as "Time Reveals All Things".

How appropriate this adage, to this weekend's revelation that FW De Klerk had his filthy traitor snout in the Arms Deal scandal, along with all the other squealing, shoving pigs who designed the Arms Deal as a vehicle in which they could steal, embezzle and defraud the SA taxpayer of billions.

In the book "The Devil in the Detail: How the Arms Deal Changed Everything" a particular incident deals with retired SA Navy admiral Anthony Howell, who along with several other high-ranking Navy officers, put forward the recommendation that the Spanish bid be given preference.

Several European countries were bidding to provide SA with new corvettes, submarines and a pile of other hardware.

During 1995, Howell & Co presented their recommendations to former president Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk, who was deputy president at the time. During the presentation, De Klerk started asking probing questions which showed a rather uncanny inside knowledge of warship design and building. He demanded to know why the admirals were "happy to accept a ship built with inferior Spanish steel".

For a man whose maritime exploits and naval expertise was limited to secretly porking his billionaire friend Tony Georgiades's wife on a smallish yacht, all while selling out his race and country, this kind of question showed astounding technical insight.

That De Klerk had been well-briefed by one of the other bidders was crystal clear to admiral Howell and everyone present. The Spanish bid predictably failed and the Germans eventually got the deal.

The inference of sleaze and corruption doesn't end there. An investigation into Arms Deal bribery and malfeasance was commissioned by the German government, who discovered that the German consortium had channelled a $22 million bribe to a Libyan front company named Mallar Inc.

The chap who ran Mallar Inc is none other than...Tony Georgiades, FW De Klerk's buddy and former husband of Elita Georgiades!

The book alludes to FW's close ties with Georgiades, who made a fortune assisting the former Nat government in sanctions busting, particularly with oil deals.

Sixteen years on, FW remains married to Elita whilst his former wife Marike was savagely murdered in her secure upmarket Cape Town apartment. At the time of her murder, a chorus of conspiracy whispers went up, alleging that Marike was killed to shut her up.

One can only wonder what dark secrets she would have spoken of, had she still been alive.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Correction and Apology

Dear readers

Your comments welcoming me back has been overwhelming and are deeply appreciated. I've not written or blogged for almost two years, so one gets quite rusty!

However I cringingly need to make a correction - this isn't really the SA Sucks blog. The last time that got deleted I registered the domain. This blog was created many months ago as an attempt to recreate a previously suspended SAS blog,which still has all the posts, comments and images. Unfortunately the backup and transfer software didn't work - all I could do was to load the templates with the SAS branding.

So I left his blog dormant until a few weeks back, when I couldn't resist the urge to write something about the Malema nationalisation march. That post was published here to make it easy for one or two bloggers to duplicate it elsewhere. Instead of reproducing it, Mike Smith and ILSA linked to it and the next minute this blog got a life of its own.

Now here's the thing: SA Sucks was a collective (I hate that commie word) effort between myself, Mike Smith, Dark Raven, Knorrig and a few others. I'd promised them that I would in good time recreate SAS on a flameproof server which would not only be able to withstand the lily-livered censorship of Google and the endless attacks from our enemies, but also ensure the anonymity of our readers and commenters.

This blog is thus intended to be my own personal blog space, seperate and distinct from SA Sucks. I'd like to continue with it, and will be rebranding it to reflect that. Once we get SAS back up again we'll notify everyone, but in the meantime I'll be abusing this space purely for my own personal hate-filled rants, toxic misanthropies and dark, bileous mutterings.

Apologies if it initially seemed a bit misleading, with the SAS logos etc but it was never meant to go public. I would hate the rest of the old SAS crew to think I'm side-stepping them with this, and besides, Mike Smith's Political Commentary blog is doing a fantastic job filling the SAS void, almost to the point of making SAS redundant. Perhaps I should be joining him and dumping SAS altogether...

Additionally, I'd be fruit city bananas to create a new blog on Blogger, after having been shut down eight times. Not only that but they seem to have lost the plot - it's one big bugfest: comments work sporadically, posting is a nightmare - I'd rather be stomping out campfires with my face than post complex screeds with links, videos and images.

Last but not least - it seems all manner of scum come crawling out of their holes the moment I make an appearance. Keith Ainsley Smith, AKA the Rooster, with his sidekick Ingrid Denzin AKA Daschund who together is better known as the Cow & Chicken show, had an instant apoplexy.

Together with black crackwhore lover and Neo-Nazi Marwinscum, they've launched a defamation campaign that would even make war criminals shudder. I am being slandered as a thief, fraudster, hacker, disseminator of viruses, a stalker, a paedophile, a collector of child porn, and yes - even a murderer. Funny, they've not accused me of causing cancer, traffic accidents, climate change or that most awful of heinous sins - being a RACIST!!

So part of this blog will be misused as a platform and vehicle to deconstruct all that, have my revenge and expose them to the world. For two years I've kept quiet, not responding to the endless provocations, lies and bullshit. No more.

There's some real filth and scum trawling the blogosphere, some of whom pretend to be one thing but are quite another. It's going to be a dirty but deeply gratifying job exposing the charlatans, the phonies and the poseurs.

So please check back here for interesting revelations. The fat lady's not sung yet, and boy, does she yet have a few arias to belt out!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Koebaai to Kiddie Amin!

Well cor blimey, smack me with a wet fish! Nobody saw this one coming...the general consensus was that the ANC would rap Malema over the knuckles with a mild warning, and after that it would be business as usual. Zuma might be an execrable scumbag, but to give the devil his due, he's a crafty old fox. By slapping down Juli-arse he's successfully neutralised a major threat to his prime position at the feeding trough.

Watching these Arsezanian squabbles is not too dissimilar to watching a Discovery channel documentary on how silverback primates battle out their troop supremacies, and Zuma's done a good job of slapping down the cheeky upstart.

Basically he is screwed - it's the end of the road for Fat Boy, unless he wins an appeal - highly unlikely according to a number of analysts. So what happens next? Is anyone willing to venture a guess? There's a number of scenarios.

One is that the ANC splits yet again - your favourite flatnosed demagogue has substantial support within this racist terrorist organisation- and with the backing of scum like Whining Winnie and nouveau riche Tokyo the Sex Whale, they might just be able to pull off starting their own political party. If this happens, it would be a sure fire recipe for civil war.

Another is that FatBoy and his cohorts will now start descending the nine levels of hell - after getting kicked out of his troop, they might start investigating the millions he's stolen, and he could end up munching peanuts in a jail cell somewhere.

A third would be that today's ruling could precipitate massive infighting - when Malema's hearings first started, hordes of supporters caused havoc in downtown Johannesburg. The subsequent march, which we predicted could go one of two extreme ways, ended with a highly uncharacteristic whimper and shockingly, not a single rock hurled or even one handful of poop flung!

As with our predictions then, we might be facing the same extreme scenarios now. Either he will leave quietly, never to be heard from again, or things could get very ugly and violent in the mother of all chimp-outs.

Let's hope for the former.

Below, some views from various analysts: (Reuters)

"Given that Malema was seen as an important point-person for political factions within the ANC that have been looking to insert a more radical set of policies around land reform and state intervention in the mining sector, as well as a lightning rod for an anti-Zuma campaign, it is likely to be viewed as an important strengthening of President Zuma.
"All of this matters more than usual, as the political battle lines within the ANC and its partners continue to shift ahead of next year's highly important ANC policy conference (mid-year) and elective conference (December 2012).
"In the very near-term, watch for any move by Malema to try and appeal the sentence and/or to coalesce a group around himself to try and fight the ruling.
"Our sense is this is likely to be the end of the political road for Malema, at least during the duration of his five-year suspension."

"Whatever they do with Malema the big issues he has raised and what he represents won't go away. The poverty, the inequalities and the unemployment continue.
"He's not necessarily going to lie down, he's going to continue being vocal and somebody else will probably step up to take his place at the Youth League
"We will have to see if there's an appeal, who knows what could happen. I can't see he is going to be quiet.
"The problem now is that he motivated himself as somebody who stands for the poor and now the ruling party is saying: we don't like you anymore so the issue of poverty will be raised more and more."

"Julius Malema has lost the presidency of the ANCYL. That is the most important ramification of what (disciplinary hearing chairman) Derek Hanekom has just said.
"The larger story is that the Youth League leadership is in crisis.
"Mr. Malema has had a date with history today and he is finished in the ANC and ANCYL."

"This is obviously good for the ANC - for its image, for its internal coherence and for the reputation of its leadership. The loutish and grandiose behaviour of the ANC Youth League and the individual leaders' involvement in looting the public sector behind a facade of representing the interest of the poorest and most marginalised has deeply damaged the reputation and core values of the ANC.
"Much will depend on whether the leadership has the stomach and spine to follow the disciplinary process with a thorough implementation of the sentence throughout all forums of the organisation. We shouldn't forget that important individuals and constituencies have backed Malema through this process.
"Will the sentence provoke a backlash, attempting to build opposition by portraying Malema as a victim? It is obviously possibility, but most observers are hoping that the grave tones and thorough approach of the ANC Disciplinary Committee might presage a process of repair and renewal in the ruling party."

"The ruling doesn't directly tackle the nationalisation issue. But it will be viewed as a signal that the most vocal proponent of nationalisation has been cut down to size.
"The Youth League doesn't dictate policy, but Malema's tireless lobbying within the party and on the streets has caused great anxiety among investors.
"In our view, the nationalisation debate will become a little more muted if Malema's influence wanes. But one thing is clear: nationalisation is not off the agenda and will feature at the ANC's 2012 policy conference.
"We still don't expect the ANC to endorse anything like the Youth League's demand for 60 percent state equity and constitutional amendments to expropriation clauses. But there seems to be clear consensus around the need for more redistribution.
"This won't be a worst case outcome, but this is not good news for investors, because many already consider the current policy regime to be onerous.
"The succession battles have been so bitter that they will leave the ANC even more divided. The run-up to Mangaung won't be plain sailing for Zuma, especially if Malema can drag out the looming appeal against his sentence and refuses to relinquish his leadership of the Youth League." - Reuters

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Only in South Africa Dept: Selling used false teeth

Who says the African entrepreneurial spirit isn't alive and well?

Here we have an enterprising chap who goes around Johannesburg morgues and funeral undertakers, collecting sets of false teeth, which he then resells on a street corner for R 20 a piece. Choosing a good fit is quite simple - just keep popping then in your mouth until you find a set of chompers that feels comfortable!

As for cross-mechandising - if you buy three sets, you get a tube of Colgate tooth paste free.

Reminds one of the "Rapture" church tale.

One Sunday in the NG Church at Ventersdorp, a dominee reknowned for his theatrical hellfire & brimstone sermons was thundering along "and when the seventh seal is opened, the dark horseman of the apocalypse shall appear, and a terrible wailing and and gnashing of teeth will ensue".

As a momentary silence fell over the terrified congregation, an old toppie in the back row sniggered "heeehee, I've got not teeth doom" which the quick-witted dominee replied "no worries oom Piet, false teeth will be supplied!"

Thanks to ZIPF for sharing

Monday, November 7, 2011

The War of the Flea

The "War of the Flea" is the title of a long overdue documentary film on the post 1994 White genocide in South Africa. Created by acclaimed movie producer Riaan van der Walt, whose earlier documentaries have been snapped up by Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, this shocking new documentary focuses on rural terrorism and farm murders.

The film starts with the savage murder of Willemientjie Potgieter and her parents. As readers may recall, 1 December 2010 was the day on which five blacks attacked the Potgieter family on their Orange Free State Farm. A few months earlier, the shocking story of another White child, 12 month old baby Marzaan Kruger, who was beaten to a pulp by three blacks and suffered brain damage and blindness, made headlines.

As Attie Potgieter (40) returned to his farm, he was attacked and hacked to pieces with a machete while his horrified wife and daughter huddled inside the farmhouse. Crime scene reports state that the child's footprints were found in her father's blood, so she may have come wandering out to check on her daddy.

Image: Wilna & Attie Potgieter

Little Willemientjie, all of two years old was then taken into a nearby outbuilding. One of the vicious black savages lifted her up by her hair, and whilst holding the flailing, crying toddler in the air, shot her in the head at point blank range. 

Next they carried her mutilated corpse back into the house, where a hysterical, crying Wilna Potgieter (36) was being savagely beaten and sliced up. After taunting her with her baby's lifeless body, Little Willemientjie's bleeding corpse was thrown on top of her mother.

Finally it was Wilna's turn as they viciously hacked and slashed the defenceless, traumatised woman to death. In a final act of wanton hatred, the marauding animals daubed their hands in the pools of blood and smeared anti-White hate messages on the walls.

Image: The five brave heroes

The sheer barbarism of these murders shocked South Africa and harked back to the kind of mindless savagery the early frontiersmen of the USA, or the Boer trekkers in South Africa was faced with in earlier centuries.

So it makes for an appropriate entree to van der Walt's documentary. The film focuses on the extreme methods of torture, rape and murder employed by - lets be honest - who else can it be -  ANC & PAC hit squads, as they conduct their assymmetric warfare against mostly defenceless and vulnerable White farmers.

Above: Trailer for the upcoming "The War Of The Flea"

Assymmetric warfare in this context relates to undeclared, silent war and is a continuation of the guerilla tactics in an age old, highly recognisable pattern. Perhaps a better term to describe it is "War by Proxy". The chief benefit in waging a proxy war is deniability, and this is exactly how it's dealt with by the SA regime and their lapdog media.

Commencing with early 1800's Xhosa attacks against Boer (and later, British) farmers in the Border and Western & Eastern Cape regions which eventually culminated in the Great Trek, this race war went into remission in the period between the late 18th century and the mid 1960's, as the country was settled and civilised under White dominion.

During the mid and late Sixties Mau Mau and Congo conflagrations, attacks against isolated White farmsteads resumed and followed a distinct pattern - flaring up in the Belgian Congo, then heading south towards the former South West Africa, Northern Rhodesia, Rhodesia and finally, South Africa.

The pattern has always remained the same - to randomly attack, torture, rape and kill the weakest, most isolated farming families in a merciless terrorist war of attrition. The primary goal as it was then, and as it remains today is simple: to insiduously instil fear and spread terror, to slowly and gradually cull the numbers of Whites, and to drive them off the land - regardless of the consequential starvation and deleterious effects this may have on dependent blacks and the country's economy as a whole.

The secondary goal is classic Stalinism - to seize control over the production and means of food distribution, in precisely the same fashion Stalin created an artificial famine in fertile Ukraine during the 1930's. Approximately 15 million people were starved to death during this time, today known as the "Holodomor".

Marxists all over the world sat up and gleefully took note of this execrable method of subjugation, something Robert Mugabe has proudly reproduced in the former breadbasket turned basketcase of Zimbabwe, and something the current illegitimate regime in SA is desperate to emulate.

Having achieved great success in camouflaging this campaign of heartless ethnic cleansing as mere "crime", the criminal cabal currently ruining South Africa then carried out another of their ominous pre-1994 promises ("we shall take the struggle to the white towns cities and neighbourhoods") - they duplicated the rural terrorism into urban areas, in the form of hijackings and violent home invasions where white families are terrorised, raped, barbarically tortured and murdered - all conveniently under the guise of "common crime".

Anyone bold or stupid enough to point out the uniquely racial nature of these hate crimes is immediately excoriated as a "racist". Desperate to bury the truth, liberals will quickly assure you that "crime affects everyone, regardless of race". As if this somehow makes it OK. To explain the astronomical farm murder figures (statistics which the SA Police have refused to keep, since 2006) it is postulated that farms are "soft targets" due to their isolation.

If this tactic doesn't work, they'll trot out the theory that the farmer must have been an evil, abusive man who mistreated his workers, ergo he "deserves to be killed like a dog". Research shows that in more than 80% of cases, the farm attackers were strangers unknown to the farmer or locals. Usually they will hail from cities like Johannesburg or Pretoria, hundreds of kilometres away.

The latest attempt at denying the ongoing genocide is a facile argument which holds that blogs like this exist not to draw attention to the merciless rampage, but because the bloggers "are exclusively motivated by a rabid desire to depict blacks as evil, blood-thirsty savages."

Image: A touching photo depicting the gentile, playful and docile nature of the African man

Van der Walt's documentary is a hard-hitting work which analyses a number of aspects. Not only the extreme savagery with which the crimes are commited, but also the political context in which this seemingly endless nightmare is framed. He focuses on the incitement of demagogues like Julius Malema, township and squatter camp mentality where criminals are treated as heroic modern day Robin Hoods, and in his own words " I do away with illusions and dwell on the hard facts".

The title of the film is also the title of a classic 1965 military book written by Robert Taber. One may assume this is where van der Walt's title is also derived from, to wit:

"Individuals who belong to the masses seem to be powerless against the powerful ruling body that some call the state, others the establishment, while I prefer to use the word elite. Many activists do not realise that they are like fleas, minute entities that are only a nuisance. But thousands of fleabites are worse then one bite from a tiger. A myriad of individual intrusions in the private living sphere of leaders makes more impression than many thousands of people who once demonstrate in front of the office of leaders. To bite another flea is of course a waste of time."

Robert Taber published in 1965 (edition Paladin 1970) “The War of the Flea” about successful mass struggles against oppressive indigenous or foreign powers. Though the present rich Western World and the poor Third World of that time differ vastly, many principles of The War of the Flea are still valid for the present struggle of the masses against the privileged elite despite the fact that most past mass struggles were led by elements that later formed a new elite. Many points demand to be considered seriously in regard to a successful struggle against a powerful elite.

As derived from the above description, one can deduce that White wealth and land ownership constitutes the "Privileged Elite" whilst the black attackers themselves are the "fleas". A cursory analysis of Julias Malema's rantings insofar as it relates to seizure and confiscation of White-owned farms and property confirms this.

Scholar, historian and fellow blogger Mike Smith has written extensively about how the ANC visited Vietnam after the fall of Hanoi, to receive instruction on strategy and tactics on guerilla warfare. Seeking the counsel of the brilliant Viet Cong general Vo Nguen Giap, they were inspired by him and successfully implemented many of the strategies which defeated the greatest superpower of the century.

Giap was not only a master tactician, but had an incisive understanding of human nature and psychology. An extract and brief analysis thereof by author Robert Taber reads as follows:

Taber, quoting our old friend Vo Nguyen Giap, the Vietnamese commanding general from 1944-1978, on guerillas fighting a conventional Western army:

“The enemy will pass slowly from the offensive to the defensive. The blitzkrieg will transform itself into a war of duration. Thus, the enemy will be caught in a dilemma: He has to drag out the war in order to win it, and does not possess, on the other hand, the psychological and political means to fight a long, drawn-out war.”

"Couldn’t have said it better myself about our two wars ongoing. Giap’s apt turn of phrase–”the psychological and political means to fight a long, drawn-out war”–is something we overlook completely, both in our foes and in ourselves. We look to the power of our weapons and the prowess of our troops in using them. Giap looked to the soldier’s and citizen’s hearts, where individual will and patriotism reside, and he defeated us and the French both."

If the emigration and mass exodus of roughly one million whites from SA is anything to go by (and this blogger pleads mea culpa to it) the ANC has successfully destroyed a great deal of patriotism amongst us. To be fair to ourselves though - close analysis of patriotism implies a love not only for a geographic location, but also for a distinctive culture, ethnicity and way of life. A key requirement is that such conditions must pre-exist for such patriotism to endure.

Anyone who has lost a loved one to dementia, brain cancer or severe stroke will attest to the fact that the person one once loved, admired and related to, had in the end changed so dramatically so as to make him or her utterly unrecognisable. The body and tangible aspects of that person remains, but the personality as we knew him/her no longer exists.

And so it is with my former fatherland - South Africa has atrophied and morphed into something which can only be described as a diseased, toxic, dystopian hellhole - a far cry from the place I grew up in, something I no longer recognise and therefore cannot relate to. In this sense, patriotism becomes little more than a redundant, silly and nostalgic notion - an emotive and eminently pointless attachment to a piece of land now bereft of it's true value and meaning.

I can also add that in destroying individual will (to continue the fight against the Marxist ANC) there is nothing more compelling than having your door kicked down in an overwhelming dawn raid by the regime's Gestapo bullies.

Returning to Taber's instructive tome, the War of the Flea can also be framed differently - this very blog, and yours truly, have for years been such a flea - taking teeny but relentless little bites at the amorphous, evil force which seized control of this once magnificent country back in 1994. Making a film such as Van der Walt has done, is in and by itself a form of activism as it promotes awareness of the heart-rending injustices perpetrated against well-meaning, decent South Africans on a daily basis.

Many of my critics charge that the "grass is not greener in my new home country". Indeed, the grass here in Old Blighty is perhaps a tad lighter in hue, but then I can argue that it is not being nurtured and nourished by the tears of thousands of innocent victims and their heart-broken families.

Deconstructing the lies, the spin and the cheap propaganda of the racist, hate-fuelled ANC regime chips away bit by bit at this monstrous cancer which is destroying our country.

Perhaps if enough of us fleas were to start biting, we might just bring down this evil monstrosity and who knows - one day return to a post-apocalyptic South Africa, newly cleansed of the cancerous tumour which is eating away at it.

Perhaps, as had happened in the former Soviet Union, Leningrad / Polokwane will again become St Petersburg / Pietersburg.

But to be honest, I'm not holding any hopes up. South Africa as we knew her is forever gone - ruined, ravaged and utterly destroyed, and no place to be raising your children. 

Pessimistic, I concur, but let me leave you with a quote from the late Clare Boothe Luce. "In this world, she said, there are optimists and pessimists.

"The pessimists are better informed".

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is this the start of Uhuru?

In less than 24 hours, the ANC Youth League’s much vaunted “Economic Freedom Mass Action” will kick off, targeting “strategic centres of power”. Starting in downtown Johannesburg, thousands of blacks will congregate at the Chamber of Mines building to brazenly demand the theft and seizure of all South African mines.The video below gives a foretaste of what can be expected.

From there, the pillaging hordes will make their way to Sandton and the new site of the JSE. This is where the Johannesburg Stock Exchange moved to (less than six years into the New SA) after more than a century at the original site. They had no choice to flee the filth, squalor and criminal hell of its original premises in midtown Jo’burg. The JSE represents the wealth created by hundreds of years of White ingenuity, blood sweat and tears.

The Yoof Leeg wants this wealth seized and handed to them - hence the "uhuru not yet" slogan. Uhuru is only considered complete when every last bit of White-owned property has been plundered.

On the 27th, Thursday evening, Julius Malema will lead the great unwashed masses to the Union Buildings, symbolic seat of that criminal cabal masquerading as the legitimate South African government. En route they intend blocking the main M1 highway between Johannesburg and Pretoria, harassing motorists and causing maximum havoc.

How Fat Boy and his scruffy entourage of marmite monsters are going to walk the approximately 70km between JHB and Pretoria - in 30 degree heat- remains to be seen... the Shell Utra City in Midrand will make a killing in cold drink sales, if they're lucky enough to get payment for their stocks.

A “night vigil” (code for orgiastic chimpouts involving lots of booze, fried chicken and frenzied copulating) at the Union Buildings on Thursday evening will culminate in the handing over of a ransom note to regime apparatchiks the following day, by those remaining heroes who survived being stabbed, shot, trampled and aren’t too hung over.

Images above: graphic displays of "ubuntu" and brotherly love, Azanian style

Malema’s wildly fanciful wish list includes the following demands:
• Immediate nationalisation of all mines and mineral assets;

• Zim style confiscation of all White-owned farmland;

• Seizure and theft of privately held assets, including banks, insurance companies and industries

Hastily tacked on secondary demands include free water, free electricity, free housing, free education, free medical care, (aren’t they getting this already??) free KFC meals for life for all ANCYL members and Chicken Licken for all else. Oh, and a new iPhone 4s (in black) with unlimited iStore app downloads for comrade Shivambu and an Xbox with Call of Duty 6: Shoot The Whites for all executive comrades, samblief my baas.

It would have been hysterically funny, had the explosive implications of this buffoonery not been so serious. Predicated on the fallacious and malevolent premise that Whites had "stolen" land, minerals and wealth from the "Utopian high tech society" they stumbled upon back in 1652, it makes perfect sense in the muddled simian mind that Whites are therefore criminals and must be treated as such.

Criminals have no rights. No right to life, no right to liberty, dignity and respect and most certainly no right to property. So what’s new, your average YT saffer will ask – this is how it’s been since ’94.

Image: Victim of racist hate crime

How will this turn out?

I have a really bad, ominous feeling about the next few days, and it seems I’m not the only restless one. It’s been gnawing at me for a few months now, as I watch events unfold. As always, one must hope for the best, but expect and plan for the worst. Examined coldly and rationally, things can go two ways in the next day:

Best Case Scenario: The typical “Service Delivery Protest

The Yoof Leeg rent-a-mob will have their destructive chimpouts at the various locations, throw stones, loot shops, smash cars, assault innocent bystanders and perhaps even burn a few buildings, buses and cars. Some people might even get killed. After a few days of carnage, they will all disperse dutifully, as directed by a vigilant, disciplined and organised police force, and it will be business as usual. Do you think this is what Malema is hoping for?

Worst Case Scenario: “Red October / Operation Vula II Uprising” or “Night Of the Long Knives”

Squatters and rabble rousers turn up en masse – not the paltry 5 000 predicted by the MSM, but 30, 40 or even 60 000 of them. Mobs stirred up by months of targeted incitement, lubricated with generous amounts of alcohol fusing with inherent savagery gets ignited and quickly flashes out of control.

Rampaging hordes sweep through the streets of Rosebank and Sandton and start attacking White businesses and homes. As word spreads of the chaotic free-for-all, ever increasing numbers swell their ranks from nearby Alexandra, Soweto, Diepsloot and the hundreds of squatter camps dotted all around the Johannesburg region. Similar scenes are repeated, first in Pretoria, then gradually in smaller towns and cities. Within days, an apocalyptic hell descends upon South Africa.

Police and army quickly lose control, and then join in the looting and genocidal madness. Warlords emerge from what were formerly the SA Police and Defence Force, and internecine squabbling break out between the warring factions. The uprising morphs into a multi-faceted civil war: black against White, Zulu against Xhosa, black against black foreigner, SAPS warlord against SANDF warlord.

As the race / civil war escalates, some Whites fight back against the impossible odds, serving only to enrage the bloodthirsty crowds even more. Others flee in panic, to find major roads blocked off. Trapped, vulnerable and powerless they are hacked, stabbed and shot to death in an orgy of violence last seen during the Congo, Algiers and Haitian massacres. Rampaging mobs seize homes, businesses, buildings, farms – burning, killing, looting and raping as they go.

Airports are shut down as thousands of people try fleeing, while the US, Britain and other European countries resurrect their long dormant emergency evacuation plans. SAS and Green Beret Special Forces troops are hurriedly airlifted in, to exclusively provide security and protection for those countries citizens as their air forces send rescue planes and ships.

The genocide is now in full swing, as electricity, water and communications infrastructure crumbles. As the country burns, hundreds of thousands die. South Africa’s worst, most feared nightmare has become reality. “Uhuru Not Yet” is finally, simply “Uhuru”, a fait accompli.

Can it really happen?

Image: A pile of white-painted rocks were packed into formation spelling the word "uhuru" some two years ago, apparently by SANDF soldiers near Bloemfontein

It’s highly doubtful that the second scenario could actually materialise. Unlikely, but not impossible. Of course, Malema and the ANCYL is going all out to make it happen, and are making no bones about their intentions.

It’s not without reason that the United Nations accredited Genocide Watch Organisation has as recently as last month placed (upgraded the threat level) SA Whites at stage 6 of the threat of genocide index. The official Genocide Watch statement dated 15 September 2011 can be seen here.

Earlier this year, an unusually large number of doomsday prophets predicted the End of the World to occur on 21 May. When it failed to enrapture us, they shifted their date to 21 October. We’re still here but apparently not out of the woods yet, if those Mayan Calendar End Times nut jobs are to be taken seriously.

So bearing this insanity in mind, one needs to apply some sober rationality to the so-called South African apocalypse. I’m loathe to sound like the proselytizing nut job in the image below, who engaged me on a freezing, iced-up Edinburgh street in January this year.

A scary (or more appropriately, scare-mongering) email is doing the rounds, claiming that “Zimboonian troops, as well as ammunition and equipment belonging to them are already in certain South African army bases. Blurry photos of apparently Zimboonian army trucks along with ancient WW2 artillery pieces being dragged have been circulating..

Image: Suspected hoax pic of Zim military vehicles entering SA

The same email claims that all airports will be closed tomorrow, on orders by Metro police, and that generators and various types of emergency equipment has secretly been delivered to Johannesburg. It then purports to quote the TAU (Transvaal Agricultural Union) as follows:

Zuma leaves his country in the lurch a day before all-out siege campaign targetting Union buildings in Pretoria

"With SA president Zuma away at a crucial time this week: leaving South Africa on Wednesday to attend the Commonwealth Heads of State meeting in Australia, the Transvaal Agricultural Union warned that he must intervene ruthlessly to defuse an increasingly dangerous climate ‘favourable to major conflict”  currently being created in the country". TLU president Louis Meintjies warned that Pres Zuma can still 'defuse a potentially dangerous situation"- challenging him to "take just as strict and ruthlessly action against his youth leader as when he suspended police commissioner Bheki Cele today - and fired cabinet-ministers Sicelo Shiceka and Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde"

Adriana Stuijt posted an ominous article entitled "SA Civil War chaos looms ever closer" and also posted images on her blog purporting to show blacks offloading large quantities of tyres at various points on South African highways – apparently to use for burning, blocking the path of fleeing Whites, and other bonfire fun activities. It occurred to me that the pictures (see below) might just be instances of blacks selling used tyres next to the road, nothing more.

A number of critical issues should be borne in mind. South Africa has for many years been described by various figures as a country sitting on a “ticking time bomb”. These pundits grimly refer to the “unemployed”, the masses in the squatter camps, the poorest of the poor and lowest of the low as being the explosive fuel, waiting for a catalyst to ignite them.

It is exactly this resource that demagogue Julias (sic) Malema has been tapping into for years already. He seems to be the catalyst to make it all erupt. Noteworthy is the unusually proficient and organised manner in which he’s done it in recent months and weeks.

During the ANCYL 24th national congress in June held in Sandton, Malema made a number of chilling statements, which relate directly to the “Red October” campaign. The Youtube video can be seen here.

Quoted verbatim:

(2 Minutes 40 seconds into the video)

1. White colonisers stole the land. When you steal, you commit a crime. Then you are a criminal and must be treated as such.
2. Capitalists (euphemism for Whites) have the mind of a rat. They think if there is going to be an uprising it will only be the ANC that will be overthrown. They don’t know that we will start with THEM, here in Sandton, here.
3. Our people will just walk from Alexandra, just across the street. They will open the fridge and help themselves to cheese and everything else they find in that room.
4. Before we even reach the Union Buildings, we will start HERE. Just here across the road. So they think that if there is going to be any uprising, it will go to the Union buildings. Oh no, on our way…we will pass by (Sandton)…

5. …So we sort ourselves out, properly, and then we can go to the sitting president and say President Zuma you’ve got a report, about what happened in Sandton. So we just want some commitments and time frames. Because we know you and have elected you, now just give us a time frame, when will you resolve this matter? And then on our way back we will also pass by there…Sandton…

Malema rambles and consistent with his low IQ and non-existent education, is quite incoherent but is crystal clear on what he means. The audience whistled and applauded loudly, just like SA parliament did when dictator Mugabe visited there. The video also shows Winnie Mandela sitting on the stage, next to Kgalema Mothlanthe – both of them grinning and nodding approvingly as Malema ranted on.

During the xenophobic riots of 2008, much of which occurred in the black Alexandra township, various people noted how easy it could have been for the marauding hordes to shift their focus from Zimboonians and Mozambicans, to the huddled whites a mere stone’s throw away. Some conspiracy theorists postulated that the so-called “xenophobic violence” was actually a trial run for the real goal – an invasion of mostly White Sandton next door.

I don’t believe that for a second but seeing what these gangs were capable of, the ease with which they moved about hacking, slashing and burning their victims, and how helpless and pathetic the police were, simply blew my hair back. It was a timely reminder of how quickly things can unravel.

Interestingly, renewed xenophobic violence, the first since 2008, has now reared its head again. In Alexandra, township dwellers have threatened foreign occupants of RDP houses (free homes built for SA blacks) to immediately leave these houses.

Ironically, all these houses were sold to foreigners by their SA recipients. In other townships, the exact same thing is reoccurring. Is this mere coincidence? Perhaps those conspiracy theorists were onto something, who knows…

Let the Show Begin

At the beginning of September, Malema even commissioned a promotional video, in which he punts the October 27th and 28th “Mass Action”. The video, which can be viewed here or below, starts with the sound of single gunshots, followed by automatic gunfire whilst the ANCYL logo is displayed.

Malema, who increasingly looks and sound more and more like the deranged Idi Amin, then appears and starts chattering, stating the date, time and purpose of the “Mass Action”. He says “if you need a job, education, electricity, nationalisation of mines (sic), join the ANC Youth League march." The short video ends with Malema saying “now or never, victory is certain”.

In addition to the Youtube video, he has also gone on a well-organised and choreographed roadshow, promoting the uprising as if it is an upcoming rock concert! Just last weekend, he visited several squatter camps and townships to the north, south, west and east of Johannesburg.

His message that whites are criminals (as well as derogatory remarks about Coolies) and promises of free this and free that has been heard live and first-hand by at least 50 000 people, and this excludes leaflets, flyers, roadside posters, radio and TV messages.

If only they put this much effort into working and being productive!

He is repeating the same unambigious message over and over: seize the land from Whites, nationalise the mines owned by Whites, seize the wealth of the Whites. The crowd is loving it, lapping it up and eating out of his hand.

Additionally, even the logistics of the event has been carefully planned. Buses and taxis have been chartered to transport thousands to the various venues. Exactly who is paying for this remains a mystery, but there’s been an interesting twist whereby the NIA (National Intelligence Agency) were accused of secretly visiting bus company owners to intimidate & threaten them into not providing transport.

The Johannesburg and Pretoria Metro Police departments initially demanded upfront guarantee payments of R 1 million from the ANCYL, to cover inevitable and guaranteed (if past experiences are anything to go by) damage caused, but eventually settled with a contractual undertaking that the ANCYL will pay for any damage.

For the typically amateurish, bumbling ANCYL this is an unusually polished and well-planned campaign. It's reached an unprecedented number of people. Still, the stupid, na├»ve mainstream media are expecting a turnout of 5 000? Are they kidding? Like I said, you can expect anywhere between 20 and 40 000 when this thing kicks off. And if it gets out of hand (which with such massive numbers, it's guaranteed to) we’ll quickly be headed for the worst case scenario. In Pretoria alone, at least 16 000 are expected.

Malema consistently and brazenly used the term “uprising” in his June speech. He used the same terminology several times afterwards. He doesn’t mince his words – he’s blunt and direct about what he is fomenting. The songs about Killing the Whites

Interestingly, he and his organisation even lay claim to fomenting the Arab uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere. The disastrous NYDA conference which was held by ultra leftists in SA during December 2010 (costing in excess of R110 million) had numerous radicals from the Arab world in attendance.

The so-called “Arab Spring” uprisings commenced a bare three months later…and the rest is history, although one would guess the Libyan outcome had backfired and wasn’t intended – there is a growing body of evidence that it was actually hijacked (if not outright orchestrated) by the UK, France & USA, for their own lust for that black, stinky stuff.

Such a pity that in our world economy, oil ranks higher than bananas…Mugabe has little to fear that some bandit will imminently be sticking a knife or twig up his pap-munching arse, as had happened to Gaddafi.

Image: Happier days. Mandela visit to Libya shortly after his release

Another dimension to this planned uprising is the obvious tension between Malema and Zuma. One theory has it that the ANC has about 650 000 card-carrying members, of which about 450 000 are also Youth League members. Malema is thus claiming the lion’s share of support, and concomitant with that is now attempting to usurp Zuma’s authority.

Image: Malema and Zuma doing the "bring me my machine gun" jive

During the ANCYL June congress, Malema openly spoke of uprisings against the ANC government.So we’ve now gone full circle in a few short years– from “I will killllll for Zuma” it’s now “I will killllll Zuma!”

Or is it all just for show?

When it comes to interaction between cats, one can never figure out whether they’re screwing or fighting. Is the supposed enmity a well-choreographed farce? Is the Malema the hammer, and Zuma the anvil between which the Whites are being crushed?

Why did Zuma suspend his commissioner of police, replacing him with a wet-behind-the-ears nobody barely a week before the gravest security threat ever to face South Africa takes place? How will it affect the management of policing and the containment of mass uprisings when the new cop commander in chief is a total unknown, leapfrogged over far more experienced and senior deputies Zuma could have picked?

Many other questions remain. Who is really behind Malema? The Chinese? Tokyo the Sex Wale? Why did the ANC regime train 8 000 ANCYL hand-picked blacks at various military bases, under the so-called NARYSEC banner? Why did they recently announce that all customs officials at Johannesburg airport will be replaced by 350 Cuban trained SANDF soldiers, who will be trained to handle customs work?

Whatever the answers, it’s clear that the next few days are going to be very interesting. I would advise folks to take the line of “hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst”. Please watch events with care. Make sure you have lots of cash on hand, have a full tank, a loaded gun and a safe destination outside the cities to go to if things really get rough.

Make sure to avoid Sandton, Rosebank, the area around the Union Buildings and any other areas through which the hordes will be passing, en route to their chimp-out venues. Lastly, you have friends like us bloggers overseas. We will lend a willing hand to help our kith & kin when the hour comes.

Below: Youtube video clip of the route taken by the march

If the situation justifies it, you can claim (and will receive) asylum in many European countries. Remember the saying “God helps those who help themselves”. Good luck & take care.