Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Only in South Africa Dept: Selling used false teeth

Who says the African entrepreneurial spirit isn't alive and well?

Here we have an enterprising chap who goes around Johannesburg morgues and funeral undertakers, collecting sets of false teeth, which he then resells on a street corner for R 20 a piece. Choosing a good fit is quite simple - just keep popping then in your mouth until you find a set of chompers that feels comfortable!

As for cross-mechandising - if you buy three sets, you get a tube of Colgate tooth paste free.

Reminds one of the "Rapture" church tale.

One Sunday in the NG Church at Ventersdorp, a dominee reknowned for his theatrical hellfire & brimstone sermons was thundering along "and when the seventh seal is opened, the dark horseman of the apocalypse shall appear, and a terrible wailing and and gnashing of teeth will ensue".

As a momentary silence fell over the terrified congregation, an old toppie in the back row sniggered "heeehee, I've got not teeth doom"...to which the quick-witted dominee replied "no worries oom Piet, false teeth will be supplied!"

Thanks to ZIPF for sharing


  1. UG :

    So glad you're back !

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    I'll try to semnd people your way, too.


  2. Yea!!! you are back. SAS was my favorite blog.

  3. If that's really what they do to get the false teeth, then that's GROSS! Still, I suppose it's better than going around killing old people for their teeth.

  4. The picture reminds me of something you'd see out of Auschwitz: piles of false teeth, gold fillings. spectacles, and human hair for salvage.